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Safety Tips Before Going Bar Crawling

One of the most popular adventures that a group of friends, colleagues or organization do to hang out is do bar crawling and drink the night out.

This will depend on how you and the group will plan and carry out these trips to the bars and enjoy it for all its purpose. Most bar crawlers will get to enjoy this by going from bar to bar on foot or using the public transportation. When you plan on venturing out this kind of gimmick over the weekend, learn about a few safety tips when doing a bar crawl.

It will be best to decide who you want to buddy up through the bar crawling time to make sure that you have someone with you when the adventure ends as it is expected that the group members will fall off as the hopping progress. Be mindful of your drinking pace and be slow so that you will be able to complete your listed bars and not go tipsy over the next. As a rule of the thumb, it is advisable to drink one glass of water for one alcoholic drink you consume to keep you hydrated and sober for longer.

Also, you will always be bringing with you some valuables like wallet, phone, and some keys, as you drink along to keep them safely tucked in to ensure it is safe. You must be at all times in check with your valuables as you may end up forgetting it in one bar that you have been to or misplaced it somewhere, so be vigilant if possible.

Plan your bar crawling ahead before setting off to the first so you and your group will exactly know where to go and get more info among the group when to exit and go to the next destination. If you are not at all familiar with the place you will be going, you can search online and see what bars are close to your place that can be a good crawling choice for your friends.

Keep in mind the possibilities of getting drunk, and you would not want to be caught driving under the influence of alcohol or be stranded somewhere, therefore, plan ahead of a ride and set the time and place that you can possibly be picked up and stick to that plan.

You should bear in mind that when you discover more about what you can enjoy with your friends as you go bar crawling your experience will become more exciting and the better is your friendship will become, just be responsible.

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